3-22-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Anyone who has found the courage to stand for something will have to deal with making the case for his or her cause. Paul Rosenberg has been tirelessly providing valuable resources in how to recognize and counter the fallacies we might encounter. His latest essay deals with other word attacks and how to deal with them.

When human beings deal with one another, they can use cooperation or coercion. One relies on persuasion and the other on force. Antony Davies has a very worthwhile take on how the right to exit is the basis for a prosperous and peaceful society.

In the battle between the lockdowners and the rest of us, it can be hard to recognize how far those fighting to restore freedom have actually come in the past year. Robert E. Wright has written about what needs to be done and has a personal invitation to anyone thinking about boarding the freedom train.

Our mass media is downplaying Biden’s latest “Cornpop” moment with Vladimir Putin a few days ago. But the saber-rattling is unmistakable. When it comes to understanding what’s going on geopolitically, few people have a better grasp of the big picture than Pat Buchanan. His latest column asks the question: Do we not have enough enemies?

There are plenty of us who have doubted the value of elections for some time. The 2020 election just confirmed to us that the system is rotten to the core and ripe for manipulation. James Bovard has a hard-hitting article about H.R. 1, which would legalize all the irregularities from the last election.


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