3-18-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

To the administrators of the systems that seek to rule us, the only thing worse than a wrongthinker is a wrongthinker who teaches unapproaved ideas to their children. J.D. Tuccille has a terrific article on why the education establishment views alternatives like private school as if it were a terrorist training camp.

When individuals are actively looking for reasons to be offended, it can put the rest of us on the defensive. Kent McManigal reminds us that we’ll always offend someone. So stop worrying about it and keep doing worthwhile things.

The closer you look, the harder it is to trust most politicians. Instead of hyper-focusing on political offices, Jeff Minnick urges us to look past our Lilliputian leaders and use our influence where it counts–closer to home.

Ask 10 random people on the street why government exists and most of them will answer with some variant of “to keep us safe.” Judge Andrew Napolitano says, not so fast. Our government was called into existence to keep us free and current efforts to undermine our individual privacy are making us less free in every way.


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