3-16-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * Interest in homeschooling grows as schools close – Coronavirus introducing millions to education alternatives.
  • * ‘The EU Disapproves’: Brussels Angry Trump Acted on Coronavirus Without Their Permission.
  • * Wuhan Officials Deliver Emergency Pork in Garbage Truck.
  • * Coronavirus Prompts ‘Rival Gangs’ of Monkeys to Fight for Limited Tourist Food in Thailand.
  • * trump: Pelosi’s Coronavirus Bill Stuffed with Unrelated ‘Goodies’ for Democrats.
  • * Huge number of Americans say bread lines in US ‘could happen’.
  • * Shopify Gives Employees $1,000 Each to Build Home Offices.
  • * Italians Must Fill out Paperwork to Buy Groceries, Visit Hospitals.
  • * White House Report: Nancy Pelosi Pressed to Include Taxpayer Funding of Abortion in Coronavirus Stimulus.
  • * Super-Rich Turn to Bunkers to Self-Quarantine During Coronavirus Outbreak.

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