3-16-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1

  • * Two Hour Guest: Scott Bradley – To Preserve The Nation – FreedomsRisingSun.com.
  • * Is Martial law Coming? – Sam asks is God’s law Coming?
  • * Trump: stop hoarding food purchased in grocery stores and to “relax, because there’s plenty.
  • * The CDC recommended that there be no events held in the U.S. with 50 or more people for the next eight weeks.
  • * Establishments can stay open for carry-out and delivery. What we can’t have is people congregating and seated.
  • * VP Mike Pence said the White House coronavirus task force will announce Monday “broad recommendations for the public” on how to behave to limit the spread of the coronavirus.
  • * Dr. Anthony Fauci, signaled the guidance would resemble what is currently going on in several European countries: namely the closing of restaurants, bars, schools and the like.
  • * Dr. William Shaffner: 80% of people who contract the coronavirus will have “moderate or milder” symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath.
  • * NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “Assume the wave breaks at a higher level than the hospital system can accommodate,” “I believe that’s what’s going to happen.
  • * Creating Our Own Crisis – Robert W. Peck.
  • Letting fear drive us to panic-purchasing isn’t the solution, it’s the problem.
  • * The Federal Reserve slashed interest rates, cut rates to 0% to 0.25%.

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