3-12-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

One of the telltale characteristics of a totalitarian state is that it cannot tolerate any competing moral authority. As Zachary Yost explains, this is why the recently passed “equality” act is positioned for a head-on collision with Christianity’s moral code.

Getting kids to do chores is a challenge most every parent can appreciate. Annie Holmquist has some helpful advice for training kids to do chores while also teaching humility. This is great information.

While a lot of people (in the federal government) are celebrating the latest “COVID relief” spending bill, there’s some fine-print chicanery in the details. As Robert Verbruggen points out, the states are being told that the funding they received from the federal government cannot be used if they want to lower their taxes. Say what? Mama, fetch me the Tenth Amendment!

Warning: This topic is going to make some folks uncomfortable. Police across the nation are concerned with legislation that they feel targets them. Welcome to our world. The nature of legislation is that it always targets someone. Kent McManigal has a handy breakdown of the difference between law and legislation as well as peace officer and legislation enforcer.


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