3-11-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

It’s bad enough when politicians and bureaucrats act like they’re doing us a favor when they strip away our freedom. But, as John Daniel Davidson explains, when big tech begins treating us like idiot children to protect us from forbidden ideas, we’ve got a serious problem.

Speaking of being treated like children, Lenore Skenazy has the story of how two children, ages 8 and 10, were escorted home by firefighters after a neighbor called  911 to report unsupervised kids. Skenazy reminds us that living under constant adult supervision shouldn’t be a government mandate.

Neighbors calling the authorities over non-emergencies has become an unfortunate part of life in the age of COVID. Doug Casey warns of the dangers of the growing “snitch” culture in America and what it portends for our future.

Reading old books may seem anachronistic in the Digital Age but it’s far more than just another way to pass the time. Jeff Minnick has a timely message about how books and those who read them are the real endangered species. Wouldn’t it be wise to learn from those who built Western Civilization rather than just the ones trying to tear it down?


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