3-10-2020 Washington Watch Live

Today’s show features:

  • Kevin Brady, U.S. Representative for the 8th District of Texas, on the Trump administration’s options in responding to COVID-19, the Chinese coronavirus.
  • Dr. Den Trumbull, Former President of the American College of Pediatricians, on a study which claims puberty blockers are harmless, while the study’s own data reveals the opposite is true.
  • Frank Wolf, former U.S. congressman and author of the International Religious Freedom Act, on Boko Haram’s war against Christians in Nigeria.
  • Ethan Gutmann, China Studies Research Fellow at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, Travis Weber, FRC’s Vice President of Policy and Government Affairs, and Arielle Del Turco, FRC’s Assistant Director of the Center for Religious Liberty, on the release of the China Tribunal’s Final Report.

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