3-1-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

You don’t have to be a pessimist to recognize that liberty is in eclipse right now. Having said that, Joakim Book has a terrific essay that illustrates how we are far from finished and how the 21st Century could be a century of liberty. And unlike politics, this is a place where we have more control than we think.

Paul Rosenberg’s essay series on fallacies is a very worthwhile tool in learning how to spot rhetorical sleight of hand when it’s being used against you. His latest essay is on Fallacies of Elimination and it’s super timely for some of the issues we’re currently facing.

Those who actively recognize the ongoing loss of individual freedoms in so many areas of our lives may wonder exactly how we got here. As Ethan Yang explains, the danger of the administrative state has been greatly underestimated. We see it in the damage done by the lockdowns and the unchecked growth of government.


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