3-1-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

One of the biggest risks our kids face in state-run schools is indoctrination into so-called “woke” culture. Kerry McDonald explains how today’s woke classrooms show why parents should be free to choose on schools.

How bad is the public school indoctrination into critical race theory becoming? Even Bill Maher and his audience agreed it’s out of control when Megyn Kelly was his guest recently. Maybe that’s a hopeful sign that there are still pockets of sanity remaining.

Though we have many ongoing challenges as a society, it’s also safe to say that some of them are monsters of our own creation. Annie Holmquist makes a solid case that the problem isn’t systemic racism, it’s systemic victimhood.

Efforts to purge spirituality from our culture are giving rise to a notion that human beings are little more than highly evolved animals. Anders Koskinen says, not so fast. Humans are better than animals and are called to do higher and better things.


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