2023 May 15 The Bryan Hyde Show

I’d be shocked if there’s anyone who hasn’t been dealing with some level of depression over the past couple of years. Paul Rosenberg shares his experience and it’s one worth examining.

If you survived the past 3 years with your principles intact, you are likely a confirmed wrongthinker. Jeffrey A. Tucker’s essay on covid and the 3 tests of compliance is very eye-opening.

The world’s financial stability is pretty shaky right now. Daisy Luther has an excellent essay on the 3 layers of financial preparedness and it’s some very solid advice.

Does our tolerance create the impression of consent to the very things that are corrupting our society? Brandon Smith says tolerance is overrated and it’s time to start gate-keeping American society again.

As much as we appreciate hearing our viewpoints being validated, there’s real danger in only considering information with which we agree. Caitlin Johnstone explains how ideological echo chambers make us stupid.


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