2023 May 1 The Bryan Hyde Show

What happens if the U.S. dollar loses reserve currency status? Ryan McMaken says, it’s a good thing for ordinary Americans.

We’ve come to expect “wars and rumors of wars” in our time. James Howard Kunstler has a pretty solid take on what’s unfolding before us.

Our current events seem to be picking up speed as more people are awakening to the deception being forced upon us. J.B. Shurk has a great essay on why government without consent lacks legitimacy.

It’s rare to see high profile entertainers taking a stand that goes against the one-sided cultish thinking of the establishment. Jon Miltimore reports that actor Tim Robbins has recently been taking the media to task for hiding government censorship.

If you’ve finally come to realize that there is nowhere left to hide from the growing insanity, here’s a piece you might enjoy. Josh Hammer writes about Tucker Carlson and the struggle for civilizational sanity.


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