2023 March 3 The Bryan Hyde Show

My friend Jon Harvey is as straight a shooter as they come. He joins me to talk about Dilbert creator Scott Adams’ thoughts on race relations and why the social justice mob is in a fury. Click the TMCP Nation link below to check out Jon’s podcast and store.

Artificial intelligence is becoming a very real and regular part of our lives. Doug Casey has some thoughts on how AI will radically transform our world.

Our pop culture is putting off a “Weimar America” vibe with a growing detachment from morality and reality. Andrea Widburg notes that so-called “family friendly” drag queen shows are clearly about sex and not simply entertainment.

The list of things that official “experts” have gotten wrong is growing evidence of the death of expertise. J.B. Shurk says, if you value the truth, ignore what the “experts” are saying.


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