2023 Mar 7 The Bryan Hyde Show

It’s my weekly sit-down with Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos. There’s a lot going on around us and I always feel better informed for hearing Eric’s take.

We live in a time where patriots who actually love their country are smeared as terrorists who hate America and wish to destroy it. D. Parker wonders why those who hate America don’t just leave it.

What was done to the public over the past 3 years was horrific and unnecessary. Bill Rice does a marvelous job of connecting the dots to explain how all of this happened.

We only have a finite amount of attention and energy to draw upon each day. James Howard Kunstler reminds us that it’s important to focus on what actually matters.

Now that the previously hidden Jan 6 videos from the U.S. Capitol are finally being seen, it’s clear why the narrative managers are so panicked. Julie Kelly has a thorough analysis of how the “insurrection” narrative is falling apart.


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