2023 Mar 28 The Bryan Hyde Show

Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos swings by for our weekly visit/counseling session.

There’s no question that the systems trying to rule us are replete with rot and corruption. Paul Rosenberg poses a great question, what are you doing to build yourself a city?

Efforts to ban TikTok have led to the creation of a Trojan horse that some are calling the Patriot Act for technology. Jordan Schachtel says it’s the Patriot Act on steroids and it will enable far greater surveillance and censorship.

It’s interesting how the media clamor over a school shooting comes to a dead stop when it’s revealed that the shooter was a transexual. Andrea Widburg lays out how the reporting on the Nashville shooting shows the incoherence of modern gender theory.

If there’s one thing that stops us from progressing personally, it’s our pride. Martin Geddes shares his thoughts on leading by example and asking for help.


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