2023 Mar 27 The Bryan Hyde Show

Attitude is an essential part of becoming resilient in the face of challenges. Daisy Luther has a marvelous message on how to turn “less” into everything you need.

15 Minute Cities are the latest fad for the green-driven folks who’d like to have more control over the populace. Doug Casey provides some excellent perspective on where this latest attempt at social engineering is leading us.

The ongoing war against reality is getting tiresome for many of us. James Howard Kunstler says, take heart, the season is here for a general wake up call that cannot be ignored or gaslighted away.

If you find yourself wanting to assert your rights as a free man or woman, you’ll likely appreciate the work of Martin Geddes. He shares hard-won wisdom on how and when to push back against unreasonable public servants.

You don’t have to sympathize with the Jan 6 defendants to be horrified at the way the events of that day have been exaggerated and distorted by the political class and media. Julie Kelly notes that we’re beginning to see proof of informants everywhere on that day.


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