2023 Mar 20 The Bryan Hyde Show

Whenever scientists set out to test a hypothesis, they must first define the null hypothesis–or the normal state of things if nothing changes. Brian Almon shares his thoughts on how activists are working overtime to convince us that radical is normal.

We are seeing our nation separate into those who wish to be left alone and those who refuse to leave others alone. John Whitehead explains the problem with government wanting to know all your business.

Being an educated individual isn’t about being the smartest person in the room. Brett & Kate McKay have a fascinating article on 3 characteristics of an educated man.

There’s something to be said for achieving the kind of harmony in life that is a sure indicator that you’re using your gifts in the highest possible way. Barry Brownstein says, to do this you must first downsize your inner central planner.

The prospect of Donald Trumps imminent arrest next week is opening the door to some interesting possibilities. J.B. Shurk warns that government tyrants are playing with fire. Are they doing it deliberately?


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