2023 Mar 16 The Bryan Hyde Show

The biggest decision that any of us will have to make in the near future is whether or not to consent to a central bank digital currency. Kit Knightly warns that the SVB failure is setting up the perfect crisis in which government will “rescue” us with a CBDC.

It can be difficult to have a rational conversation about a national divorce. Jon Miltimore has some very solid advice for all sides of this issue.

This is likely the most controversial thing I’ll be sharing today. Does a society that dresses as if it matters have more respect for itself? Maida Korte says we may be selling ourselves short.

The last 3 years have given us plenty of opportunity to see our fears being played upon. David Bell explains why pandemics are not the real public health threat.

Never been invited to a struggle session? Some of us would like to keep it that way. El Gato Malo has a marvelous breakdown of what these Marxist sideshows mean for civil society.


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