2023 Jan 4 The Bryan Hyde Show

When NFL player Damar Hamlin collapsed on national television Monday night, the pucker factor increased for the mRNA narrative managers. As Alex Berenson explains, we may not know the cause of his cardiac arrest, but we can’t help but wonder.

It’s actually reassuring to see the US House of Representatives fail to elect a speaker for the first time in 100 years. James Howard Kunstler lays out the shift we’re seeing and the prospect of the questions and answers we’ll be hearing.

Why is education such a battle ground throughout the country? Leftists have been working overtime to seize control of the education system at every level. George Leef says the key lesson is that you don’t make peace with termites.

It’s not a conspiracy theory to recognize that elections are becoming far more complicated than they once were. Stephen Whitney says make elections normal again.

What if the FBI is as woke as it appears? It’s an uncomfortable question but one that the Z-man is willing to ask. He also wonders: What if they believe the dogma they’re enforcing?


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