2023 Jan 31 The Bryan Hyde Show

It’s our weekly check in with Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos. There’s a lot going on in our world and Eric is a welcome voice of reason in helping to make sense of it all.

Despite their vehement denials, proponents of Marxism are very active in many of our institutions today. Paul Rosenberg has a timely definition of one of the favorite targets of Marxists–the bourgeois–and why we should be proud to be called such.

If you’re serious about understanding the situation in which we find ourselves today, it’s essential to have a grasp of what led us here. The Good Citizen has compiled a wonderful primer of 101 steps to enslave humanity (part one is 1-56) and it fills in a lot of the blanks for those who wish to know.

Is it better to rule a corrupted system or to be ruled by a corrupted system? Josiah Lippincott says the answer is neither. He lays out our political situation and says the words we must live by are: We will not submit.


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