2023 Jan 30 The Bryan Hyde Show

It’s a shame to see Reader’s Digest jumping on the bandwagon to clamor for gun control. David Codrea does a great job of dismantling their demands for “commonsense gun control” that would leave only the ruling class armed.

You may not own or even want a pistol brace but you still have a stake in the matter, nonetheless. D. Parker explains why the ATF’s new pistol brace rule is nothing more than a cluster of enforcement traps.

Parables are a wonderful thing. They can speak to many people on many different levels of understanding. Robert E. Wright has a marvelous parable that tackles the age-old question: Who will build the roads?

The obstacles that stand in the way of claiming our freedom are significant. Before you lose hope, consider Barry Brownstein’s latest essay on how obstacles to freedom can become the way to freedom.

The ideological takeover of America’s newsrooms has brought us to a state of constant psychological warfare. David James has an informative take on the grim future of establishment journalism.


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