2023 Jan 27 The Bryan Hyde Show

This may not strike an heroic chord with some folks but the Utah doctor who helped parents to free their kids from vax mandates is a stand up guy. Jordan Schachtel explains why the feds are wrong to be prosecuting him.

Like it or not, your leadership is sorely needed right now. Dan Sanchez spells out the 3 levels of leadership that Leonard E. Read identified and how each of them impacts the people around you.

It’s not name-calling to note that a great many people were brainwashed into accepting medical tyranny. Jessica Marie Baumgartner has a great take on forgiving the medically brainwashed in the post-covid era.

A Pfizer exec caught on video discussing the company’s interest in mutating the virus to keep the vaccine cash cow alive should be pretty big news, right? So why aren’t corporate media outlets talking about this?

Speaking of cash cows, the U.S. military industrial complex is starting to look like the enormous grift that it is. The Z-man has some unpopular truths to share about a great boondoggle that’s been around for most of our lifetimes.


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