2023 Jan 26 The Bryan Hyde Show

Seven years ago today, LaVoy Finicum’s life was unjustly taken. I had the privilege of getting to know this champion of freedom personally in the year prior to his death.

A few years ago, Jeffrey A. Tucker was hauled into traffic court. His article on how to steal $75,000 from the poor is quite eye-opening. Law and order types will want to take their blood pressure meds before hearing this one.

One of the biggest selling points of the free market is that people are free to take their business elsewhere. Jen Maffessanti lays out what consumer sovereignty is and why customers are the boss.

“Who will build the roads?” is a common refrain when people are justifying the need for the state. Thomas Walker-Werth explains how government road-building killed innovation in transportation.

Heaven help the brave souls who will not bend the knee to Alphabet Mafia. Ivan Provorov is one who stood fast in his faith by refusing to don a rainbow hockey jersey. And he’s paying a price for staying true to his beliefs.


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