2023 Jan 20 The Bryan Hyde Show

The public’s trust issues with the medical establishment are not without merit. And when the medical establishment tells us that belief in freedom is bad for us, it doesn’t make things any better.

Maybe it’s the current lack of unspun news that makes truth so important to those of us who treasure it. Mark Creech lays out what it means to love the truth in a time when falsehood is king.

Now that mainstream media outlets are admitting that there may be justifiable concerns over covid vaccine side effects, there are a couple of questions we need to be asking. Kit Knightly says those questions are: “Why this and why now?

When the president starts bloviating about how “no one needs an AR-15” it’s tempting to wonder what exactly has been keeping him up at night. Charles C.W. Cooke skillfully disarms Biden’s most grotesque gun control argument.


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