2023 Jan 2 The Bryan Hyde Show

You don’t have to have beef with the legacy media to understand that they are not operating in your interests. Allan Stevo asks, did fake news scare you this week? If so, he has some solid guidance on taking back your time.

This may not seem particularly optimistic but it sure has the ring of good advice. To survive the economic uncertainty of 2023, Daisy Luther has a proven solution: frugality.

As long as we’re prognosticating what to expect in the coming year, you might want to take a look at James Howard Kunstlers’s latest. He says get out of the way, if you can’t lend a hand.

Conspiracy theorists are proving far more reliable than their MSM detractors. Ben Sellers lays out the top 10 conspiracy theories that will be validated in 2023. Might want to keep an eye on these.


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