2023 Jan 16 The Bryan Hyde Show

Being able to think rationally in a time when everything is in commotion is a kind of superpower. Todd Hayen has a marvelous article on why “right or wrong, I am sticking with what I believe” is a dangerous way to to think.

None of us wants to believe that we are helping to bring about tyranny but the fact is, sometimes we are. Barry Brownstein’s latest is a must read as he describes how individuals enable tyranny.

We live in a time when authentic heroes are being systematically erased from the public’s memory. Lawrence W. Reed explains why heroes matter–and now more than ever.

Some solutions seem too simple to be true. For instance, a return to basic moral and ethical principles is vital to the survival of a healthy society. Uldis Sprogis spells out how this simple truth applies to our society today.

If the powers that be are serious about implementing a central bank digital currency (CBDC), they must first outlaw any competing cryptocurrency. Paul Rosenberg says the claims that crypto mining is a danger to the environment are part of that effort to seize control of cryptocurrency.


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