2023 Feb 27 The Bryan Hyde Show

Woody Harrelson opened some eyes with his SNL monologue over the weekend. Jeffrey A. Tucker recounts how Woody has just demonstrated the pain of truth.

Looking to bring a bit of happiness and purpose into your life? Aletheia Hitz has a simple, yet highly effective solution. It starts with attentiveness to the people around you and it really works.

The media reaction to the release of the Jan 6 video has been interesting, to say the least. Andrea Widburg notes that the media’s panic is directly related to the loss of their ability to control the narrative.

This may sound a bit out there but it’s a topic that shouldn’t be ignored. The World Health Organization is quietly pushing for acceptance of an accord that would give it near complete control in the event of a “health emergency.” What could possibly go wrong?

Brandon Smith’s essays are always thought-provoking and informative. His latest on deconstructing why leftist movements cannot coexist with people who love freedom is a must read.


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