2023 Feb 24 The Bryan Hyde Show

To get a sense of how disconnected mainstream media is from reality, just check out the comment made by reporter Taylor Lorenz about how America is a “late-stage capitalist hellscape.” Ilya Levine has 6 reasons that Taylor’s latest trope is dead wrong.

The war drums are beating louder by the day in the nation’s capitol. Judge Andrew Napolitano has a terrific refresher course on war and the Constitution for anyone who wonders about such things.

Crazy as things may be, anyone who’s paying attention can attest that a great awakening is taking place. J.B. Shurk notes that this awakening has been decades in the making.

After hearing the news that podcasts are a primary source of “misinformation”, I’m not sure whether to be concerned or flattered. After all, most of what the regime calls “misinformation” is what the rest of us recognize as unapproved or inconvenient truths.

As long as food is easily and readily available at the local supermarket or big box store, we will take it for granted. Tom Luongo has an excellent essay on the lessons imparted by the TV series “Clarkson’s Farm” and how it’s another front in the war on food.


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