2023 Feb 23 The Bryan Hyde Show

If you want to have peace of mind, learn the art of letting others be right. This is one of the best essays, you’ll ever read. The advice is spot on.

A lot of folks look forward to getting a nice fat tax refund. After you read Peter Jacobsen’s take on why a big tax refund shouldn’t excite you, you’ll understand why giving Uncle Sam an interest-free loan isn’t such a great idea.

Few people seem to have a better grasp of what’s going on than James Howard Kunstler. His essay titled “Between That Rock and The Hard Place” is a worthwhile read.

The folks who want to ban guns have a special kind of contempt for those of us who own guns. W.R. Wordsworth dismantles the promotion of social contempt toward gun owners.

It’s been interesting to watch the term “national divorce” trend on Twitter lately. Hugh O’Connor explores the pros and cons of a national separation in light of our current state of dysfunction.


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