2023 Feb 22 The Bryan Hyde Show

Now that 40,000 or more hours of Jan 6 video footage from the U.S. Capitol has been made public, we’re learning how much the Jan 6 committee left out of their narrative. Julie Kelly lays out the anatomy of a cover-up.

The book burners among us have developed a sense of subtlety. Thomas Buckley describes what the classics, edited for the sensitive reader, may look like once we’ve purged the world of insensitive content.

Talk to someone who has been away from America for a few years and you’ll get a sense of how the trans activism movement has exploded. Annie Holmquist explores the real issues behind the symptoms.

War is always an excuse for maximum disinformation. For some of the clearest analysis of what’s at stake with the U.S. intervention in Ukraine, check out Jeff Thomas’ essay on whether it could really go nuclear.

Watching our political class steer us ever closer to WWIII is like watching a toddler play with a loaded firearm. Steve Deace is drawing a clear line on sending our kids to die for a needless conflict.

Knowing what to think isn’t enough to accurately distinguish between truth and error. As Aletheia Hitz explains, knowing how to think requires understanding and using the 7 intellectual virtues.


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