2023 Feb 2 The Bryan Hyde Show

In human interactions, there are only a limited number of ways to get what you want. Art Carden lists four of those ways and explains why the ones involving force are the worst possible ways.

Those of us who have spent decades trying to restore and protect the principles and practices of liberty know that there is no silver bullet strategy that will turn the tide. Ammon Bundy acknowledges this reality and suggests that uniting and bringing people together is the only thing that works.

It’s shocking how far people will go to avoid having to acknowledge an unpleasant truth. Todd Hayen warns, don’t get smug, it’s something we’re all susceptible to doing for fear of inconvenience.

Want to be a better parent? Join the club. Peter Jacobsen has 3 rules of rational parenting that are derived from good economics and it’s pretty solid advice.

Licensing can best be described as when someone in authority takes away your right to do something and then sells it back to you. Eric Peters lays out the dangers of licensing.


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