2023 Feb 17 The Bryan Hyde Show

If you’re a serious warrior for freedom, you need to read Dan Sanchez’s latest column on calling off the call-out culture. Dan says the cause of freedom needs educators, not inquisitors.

The predictable calls for more gun control are echoing from the usual suspects following a shooting spree on a Michigan campus. D. Parker wonders if the fact that “gun-free zones” don’t work is finally starting to dawn on the New York Times.

At the risk of sounding like a monetary Chicken Little, the threat from central bank digital currencies is growing by the minute. Check out Paul Rosenberg’s crucial message on CBDCs and how they are already being used to gain absolute control of populations.

Parents in Pocatello, Idaho have succeeded in getting the promoters of a drag queen story hour to cut the event short when concerned parents filled the seats and there wasn’t enough room for children to attend. What does that tell you when such a show is pointless without children?

The case of Colorado cake-maker Jack Phillips is less about free speech and freedom of religion and more about private property rights. Lawrence M. Vance sets the record straight.


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