2023 Feb 15 The Bryan Hyde Show

There’s a fair amount amount of official pushback growing against the term “died suddenly.” Dr. Brian C. Joondeph notes that the sudden deaths of so many people deserve an honest reckoning.

Politicized police beating down the doors of religious citizens sounds like something out of the former Soviet Union. As Stephen Whitney explains, with the FBI targeting traditional Catholics, it’s happening in America too.

Those pesky UFOs are taking our attention away from other matters of importance, like Seymour Hersh’s investigation into who might have blown up the Nordstream 2 pipeline. Edward Snowden calls it “engineered panic.

The U.S. government seems intent on steering us into a head-on collision with Russia. Ron Paul spells out how we can stop the coming war with Russia.

What is happening to our children? The CDC reports a 60 percent increase in high school girls contemplating suicide. It might be time for a serious conversation about what drives the hopelessness.


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