2023 Feb 14 The Bryan Hyde Show

It’s our weekly sit down with Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos. We discuss how the trap is being sprung to make internal combustion engines as expensive to run as diesels. Also, we talk about how to get back to where we started from regarding our freedoms.

We tend to underestimate our ability to influence the world around us. But that’s how we’re trained to be from an early age. Paul Rosenberg says, being a placeholder isn’t enough when it comes to making the difference you were born to make.

If you’re concerned about the woke takeover of America’s institutions and pastimes, yet you still watched the Super Bowl, you’re sending mixed signals. Robin M. Itzler reminds us that we can’t have it both ways.

Laughter is greatly underestimated, both as a tool to fight tyranny and as a cure for despair. Eric Hussey has a thoughtful essay on the tragic end of laughter.

The time to work out a strategy for avoiding the snare of central bank digital currencies is right now. Dr. Joseph Mercola and James Corbett have some very workable ideas to begin working out your escape from digital slavery.


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