2023 Feb 1 The Bryan Hyde Show

The weaponization of the US Dept. of Justice is pretty unsettling. Sarah Weaver joins me to talk about a pro-life pastor who was raided by the FBI, arrested and charged with obstructing access to an abortion clinic. Thankfully, a jury acquitted him last week.

It’s hard to tell is “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams is being sincere or facetious when he apologizes for being pro-jab. Robin Koerner uses Adams’ experience to illustrate how the “unvaccinated” got it right.

Politicians have a bad habit of using words that don’t exactly convey their authentic meaning. Thomas L. Knapp explains how “constitutional carry” doesn’t actually mean what most us think it means.

The Marxist worldview has taken hold in a surprising number of our institutions. Annie Holmquist says children are the ticket out of this mindset.

More and more, James Howard Kunstler’s columns are like a high potency reality supplement for those of us who prefer life without sedation. His latest one on the war against us is worth the read.


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