2023 Apr 28 The Bryan Hyde Show

If our goal is to be problem solvers, what’s the best way to get to work? Alexander Riley examines the age-old question of whether it’s better to change yourself or to change the world.

We are living out portions of Orwell’s 1984. Our own Ministry of Truth is doing all it can to whitewash the covid response in order to protect those who chose to grab for power and destroy so many lives.

Mainstream media is stepping up its efforts to censor viewpoints that question the narrative they’re trying to manage. Check out this unbelievable clip from ABC where they say the quiet part out loud.

LGBTQ+ activism is working hard to convince kids that they’re part of the “family.” How can you rescue your child if he or she is being seduced by them? Here’s what one family did to rescue their son from the gender confusion cult.

If you’re concerned that the U.S. government isn’t doing enough to destabilize the world and disrupt your personal life, take heart. Doug Casey warns that the Jacobins in charge are about to declare war on Mexican drug cartels.


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