2023 Apr 27 The Bryan Hyde Show

If there’s an upside to human suffering, it’s how it gives us the opportunity to contemplate our own souls. Few people have made better use of their suffering than Alexander Solzhenitsyn who counseled us to “live not by lies.

Covid/lockdown/vax skeptics, take heart! Little by little the truth is coming to light. Jeffrey A. Tucker highlights the top ten quotes from Dr. Fauci’s interview with the New York Times.

The most convincing evidence that our society that has lost its grip on reality is the gender activism trying to blitzkrieg its way into every facet of our lives. Andrea Widburg wonders, are we ever going to be able to walk back gender madness?

How can we separate ourselves from the control of people who wish to dominate us? Heather Carson recommends that we learn to become modern American pioneers by homesteading.

It’s painful to watch our once great nation succumb to the same foolish mistakes made by earlier great civilizations. Vincent McCaffrey offers his thoughts on our time and how previous generations did so much with so little.


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