2023 Apr 24 The Bryan Hyde Show

The censorship industrial complex has been created to maintain control of an official narrative. Getting to the truth requires breaking free from that narrative. Paul Rosenberg explains what Julian Assange was really doing and why he has been silenced.

The left’s growing fascination with our children isn’t purely of a sexual nature. It’s about indoctrinating them as early as possible. As Rajan Laad notes, the BBC has created an instruction manual teaching kids how to propagandize their parents.

What’s happening in our society has a familiar feel to anyone who has taken a serious look at Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Check out what a survivor of that revolution says about the features and tactics Mao used.

The histrionic calls for disarming the American populace are growing. Brandon Smith states the uncomfortable truth many would like to avoid: American patriots need guns because a war is coming.


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