2022 Sept 21 The Bryan Hyde Show

When CNN’s Don Lemon threw a reparations question at Hilary Fordwich, he probably expected some woke validation. Instead, he got the greatest 90 second history lesson ever. Watch the video for yourself. It’s linked in the article.

As the midterms elections near, it’s tempting to look to one side or the other as a political savior. But be careful. David S. D’Amato warns that both sides of the aisle are degenerating into authoritarianism.

It may sound cliche but hard work is part of a life of happiness. Dr. Kimberlee Josephson notes that work won’t love you back and that’s how it should be.

The most important solution that any of us can supply to a broken world is to become an extraordinary individual. Jeff Deist shares five keys to professional and personal success and each of them is spot on.

It’s revealing how many Americans perceive the demographics of this nation, based on the skewed propaganda that they receive through the legacy media. Theodore Roosevelt Malloch says, show me the numbers please.


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