2022 Sept 12 The Bryan Hyde Show

The idea of unity sounds great, right up to the point where someone is tempted to make it mandatory. Then it becomes a basis for tyranny. Gary Galles says, forget unity: we need the freedom to disagree.

As long as we’re exploring the topic of unity, let’s take a closer look at how it can be co-opted and used against us. Paul Rosenberg explains why united we fall.

The days in which America was a truly exceptional nation have passed. That doesn’t mean we have to hang our heads in shame. It means that we need more “rascals”–people who make a difference by becoming exceptional individuals.

What’s happening in Europe right now regarding their energy woes is a clear warning for us here in America. Brandon Smith has an excellent essay on how the energy disaster that Europe is facing will spill over into the U.S.

When Jeffrey A. Tucker points out that the world is on fire, you might want to listen. This is a solid assessment of what’s happening.

What good could a voluntarist sheriff do? David Hathaway recounts his first year as a voluntarist sheriff and his insights are encouraging.


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