2022 Oct 3 The Bryan Hyde Show

It’s hard to appreciate just how thoroughly corrupted the federal “justice” system has become unless you’ve experienced it first hand. Eric Parker joins me to discuss his trial experience following Bundy Ranch as well as the current Jan 6 show trials.

Are FBI agents being pressured to create criminal plots that can be blamed on the political right? Julie Kelly says it’s time to investigate the FBI’s sketchy confidential human source program as well as it’s highly politicized brand of enforcement.

If you find yourself in need of a bit of nourishment for your soul, Barry Brownstein delivers. Start with his essay on how thoughts and prayers rule the world and find time to examine the two bonus essays linked within.

It’s stressful when so many things are changing all around us. Richard Morrison’s review of Entrepreneur magazine editor-in-chief Jason Feifer’s take on how to stop panicking and embrace the future points to some timely advice.

What could we possibly learn from a 5th Century Roman about finding happiness in a world filled with pain, loss and injustice? Logan Albright introduces us to Boethius and his priceless lesson about the gift of life.


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