2022 Oct 24 The Bryan Hyde Show

Have you noticed how the ruling class tends to treat us like we are a threat? James Howard Kunstler notes that there is no nice way to say it, but it is the truth: The authorities are our enemies.

I’m pretty skeptical whenever a politician starts going on about “threats to our democracy.” However, when a new poll shows many Americans consider our media a major threat to democracy, I can’t help but wonder if they’re onto something.

Election integrity is too important to be shamed away with accusations of perpetuating a “big lie.” Roger Kimball says our goal should be truth, not consensus when it comes to sorting out the inconsistencies of the 2020 election.

Want to know why so many voters are headed to the polls with vengeance in their eyes? As Jeffrey A. Tucker explains, they are furious with those elected officials who promoted the failed mandates and lockdowns yet refuse to say they’re sorry.

Should a serious economic downturn occur, I wonder how many of us will suffer because of an acute attachment to our material things. Edward Curtin has a thought-provoking essay on the last temptation of things.


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