2022 Nov 7 The Bryan Hyde Show

Here’s a truth that will save you a lot of confusion and frustration: There’s no such thing as an objective journalist. Caitlin Johnstone explains how there are only journalists who are honest about their bias and those who are not.

There’s never been more effort or money being used to try to shape what is considered “acceptable opinion.” Todd Hayen has some marvelous advice to follow, “consider everything, believe nothing.

Who is stoking the fears of nuclear war? Moon of Alabama calls out the Biden administration for planting false nuclear scare stories to keep us frightened and off balance.

Why do so few Americans believe that the last election was “fair and honest.” Jack Gleason lays out some of the reasons for doubt and explains how, in order to save our republic, citizens must act to ensure election integrity.

This is going to raise some hackles, but the U.S. military has fallen short of its recruitment goals by nearly 25%. With global conflict looming, Lloyd Billingsley asks, is anyone else feeling a draft?


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