2022 Nov 28 The Bryan Hyde Show

One of the toughest truths that must be faced in our time is that a digital currency is coming and it will become a tool of control. J. Kim explains why no bank account is safe in 2023 (traditional or otherwise).

It’s bad enough that vaxxed individuals are dying but why is there an effort to blame the unvaxxed for causing their deaths via anxiety? Kit Knightly has a great take on the recent article by the Journal of BioMedicine that makes this outrageous claim.

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter may not have saved the world, but it’s certainly giving us a better idea of who the control freaks are. James Howard Kunstler describes it as a light in the darkness.

The growing drumbeat of climate crisis is being used as cover for the implementation of greater collectivist controls over every nation’s economy. Dr. Rainer Zitelman says it’s all about creating the ultimate planned economy.

Whether we see it or not, the plan to impose a cashless society is quietly being put into place. David Haggith has some great resources for those trying to stay informed on the coming Orwellian system.

It may not be comfortable to consider what may happen in the event of an economic collapse but those who conduct a mental walk-through of the likely consequences will be better prepared than those who do not.


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