2022 Nov 24 The Bryan Hyde Show

National Adoption Month is the perfect excuse to have Tammy Brinkerhoff join me to talk about adoption from the perspective of an adoptive parent.

Historical revision isn’t always about purging all symbols of the past. Sometimes it’s a matter of creatively rewriting what happened to make the symbols more important than the truth. Here’s the lowdown on the real story of why the pilgrims were thankful.

With all the unhappiness we see around us, we sometimes need a reminder of just how good we have it. Gratitude is the answer to the question too few of us are asking.

If you’ve shopped for a Thanksgiving turkey this year, you know firsthand how much prices have risen since last year. Here’s a great breakdown of why your Thanksgiving dinner costs a full 20% more than last year’s meal.

The Tenth Amendment Center is doing serious work in advancing liberty. Here’s a great article from Michael Boldin on 4 essential foundational principles that must be part of the discussion.


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