2022 Nov 21 The Bryan Hyde Show

When you hear someone complain about our diminishing rights, do you consider them to be a crybaby? Todd Hayen asks and answers, what’s all this fuss about rights?

No matter how closely we were paying attention, we’ve likely forgotten just how intense the propaganda for the jab was. The Good Citizen recently shared a trailer for the upcoming “Plandemic” documentary. Seriously, find 8 and half minutes to watch it.

When’s the last time you really pondered just how much music adds to our lives? Anthony J. DeBlasi has a magnificent article in which he describes how music takes over when words just aren’t enough.

The FBI director’s slippery non-answers to several pointed questions have cast serious doubt on the J6 narrative. Julie Kelly says the insurrection house of cards is collapsing.

Part of the challenge before us is learning to overcome our life-long training to fear and obey. Paul Rosenberg reminds us that the cure is in our hands and we need to take it seriously.


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