2022 Nov 18 The Bryan Hyde Show

Your government would like to keep a much closer eye on you than you might think. Judge Andrew Napolitano has the lowdown on the FBI and its Zero-Click surveillance.

We should have listened to George Washington when he warned us of the dangers of political parties/faction. Tom McCallister lays out the unpopular cure to our electoral woes.

Now that God has largely been driven from our civic life, we should ask ourselves how that’s working out. Anthony Esolen issues a call to reflect on the new sins and the old.

Don’t look now but there’s a new digital currency on the horizon. It’s a good time to check out Stephen Apolito’s take on what he learned from his grandfather about money.

It’s sad how so many people have been trained to view liberty as a kind of political fetish. Julia Geron Pilon explains the primacy of liberty and why it’s the highest political end.


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