2022 Nov 14 The Bryan Hyde Show

Don’t be lulled into the sense that things have finally returned to normal. C.J. Hopkins says we’re living in the new normal that was meant to move us further down the road to totalitarianism.

The most serious gaslighting that’s happening today is being directed at those of us who clearly recall how ugly the last 3 years have been. Todd Hayen explains how the guilty parties are working overtime to convince us that our concerns are much ado about nothing.

Great teachers are a blessing to any society. Contrary to conventional wisdom, they can be found in settings other than government-run schools. Kerry McDonald has a great article on why former school teachers are finding success as education entrepreneurs.

Many people justify outrageously big government as being necessary in order to care for the needy and downtrodden. But is that true? Joel Lim explores how government stacks up against private charity and says that it’s no contest.

For a full strength dose of reality–minus the sugar coating–few writers deliver like James Howard Kunstler. His take on the showdown slowdown vote counting is worth reading.

Are third parties “spoiling” elections for the two major parties? Thomas L. Knapp makes a case for ranked choice voting as a way to show the two party system that it’s not just 2% of voters who disagree with both of them.


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