2022 Nov 10 The Bryan Hyde Show

National Adoption Month continues and Tammy Brinkerhoff is back to talk about why it matters. She’s joined by Mary Taylor from Pro-Life Utah.

It’s clear from the midterm election results that liberty is a far lower priority than simply trying to wrest political power away from those who wish to use it on you. Gary Galles has a terrific essay on what John Adams had to say about liberty as America’s rationale and greatness.

There are a lot of things that warrant concern these days. One of the biggest challenges has yet to appear on most people’s radar screens. John Green warns that we’d better be prepared for the perfect transportation storm.

Kent McManigal’s latest column is like a balm for those of us who recognize that, politically speaking, nothing is going to change. He says the promises of politicians are impossible to keep. Yet we keep voting them in.


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