2022 May 24 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Any time we have an important decision to make, it’s a good idea to turn off the story that’s playing in our minds. Paul Rosenberg explains how this simple tactic can help us resist the common tendency to know we’re making a wrong choice but doing it anyway.

The strangest thing about our time is how many ways we are expected to deny reality. The Good Citizen notes that we’re pushing maximum density in more ways than one.

Do you feel obligated to do something when you do not trust the person telling you to do it? Allen J. Feifer outlines the collapse of trust in our society and what it portends for our relationship to the ruling class.

When I want a no-crap, serious assessment of what’s going on, I find James Howard Kunstler to be an excellent resource. He confirms that we’re in it now for sure, and offers some sage advice on what we can do.

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