2022 May 20 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Of all the insanity that took hold during the official covid response, the arrest and prosecution of Idaho mom Sara Brady is one of the most egregious examples. Michelle Malkin outlines Brady’s ordeal that remains unresolved after 2 years.

Wanna hear a scary story? Just turn on the MSM and you’ll find plenty of frightful tales about monkey pox. Jordan Schachtel wonders if this is the next big scare for the USA and Europe.

Attempts by the ruling class to steer the world into a great reset are foundering on the rocks of reality. J. Robert Smith asks, if the American empire falls, will the American Republic rise?

How much longer can we go on pretending that the U.S. government isn’t trying to instigate a direct war with Russia? Brandon Smith says, stop the denial: Ukraine is a proxy war that will lead to wider world war.

In the same vein as questioning why the Pentagon is throwing gas on the fire with Russia, Pat Buchanan wonders, why would the U.S. give a war guarantee to Finland?

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